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Domestic DC Systems designs and installs:

Grid-tied PV systems

A photovoltaic (PV) system that is generating electricity with solar panels. Grid-tied systems are interconnected with the power grid through a grid interactive inverter. Electricity can flow TO or FROM the power grid depending on your needs and production.

Battery based back-up systems

Critical appliances are powered from a battery bank during power outages. Batteries are charged from 1 or more of the following sources: grid, generator, solar panels.

Bi-modal systems (grid-tied and battery back-up)

Best of both worlds. Combination of grid-tied system with battery based systems. Will always power your appliances even during a grid outage. Extra energy will be "stored’" on the power grid.

AC and DC coupling

Battery-based retrofit for existing grid-tied systems to work during a power outage.

We provide:

  • Installation of PV and battery backup systems for homeowners and small businesses.
  • Service and maintenance (check system for proper functioning once a year).
  • Retrofitting existing grid-tied systems with battery backup.
  • Free initial estimates.


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We are now a Mass Solar Loan approved installer.

Incentives to help Massachusetts residents go solar by purchasing their own PV system:

  • Low-interest, fixed-rate loans
  • Loan support for qualified residents


Advantages of owning your own solar power system (versus leasing)

There is a big push now from larger corporations such as solar companies to lease people’s roofs and other suitable space because this is a high return investment (for them) especially in Massachusetts. However, if you own your own PV system:

  • Up 30% of total cost can be used as an income tax credit.
  • Collect Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) for 10 years. Actual payback depends on production and market price; average credit $2,000/year.
  • Never pay for electricity again; become invulnerable to price changes.
  • Businesses can deduct the installation as business expense.

Own your own system and put the profits in your own pocket.


Stefan Maier, Design and Engineering

Domestic DC Systems

Orange, Massachusetts, USA