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About Domestic DC Systems

Our commitment

Domestic DC Systems owner, Stefan Maier, is a member of the Chestnut Hill neighborhood in Orange that is known for their commitment to implement renewable energy solutions and locally grown food. Our intention is to help people to become less reliant on the various grids that we all are hooked in. Food grid, oil grid, electricity grid, etc. Let us help you to make grid independence a reality for you.

Our regional focus

We consult and install for local individuals and businesses in the greater North Quabbin region of Massachusetts and in southern Vermont and New Hampshire. We use local suppliers for high quality components. We look to develop long-term relationships with our suppliers and customers. Most installations require little maintenance, but we check on system performance.

Individualized solutions

Many of the larger solar companies will sell you money-making off-the-shelf solutions. Our systems are always matched to the needs and to the budget of the individuals. Going green can be done in small or large steps.


Stefan Maier, owner of Domestic DC Systems

Garlic Arts Festival organizers, mostly from the Chestnut Hill neighborhood, with DDCS owner after afternoon paddling on the Miller’s River in Orange, MA.


Stefan Maier, Design and Engineering

Domestic DC Systems

Orange, Massachusetts, USA